February 22 Dateline

Famous Birthdays

1732 - George Washington, First U.S. President
1817 - Niels Gade, Danish Composer
1857 - Robert Baden-Powell, Founder of the Scouting movement
1908 - Sir John Mills, Actor
1918 - Robert Pershing Wadlow, the world's tallest human
1932 - Ted Kennedy, U.S. Senator
1950 - Julie Walters, Actress
1962 - Steve Irwin, Herpetologist
1975 - Drew Barrymore, Actress

Boy Scouts Founder Lord Baden-Powell

The work of Danish composer Niels Gade (22 February 1817 – 21 December 1890).
Symphony No. 1 in C minor, Op. 5.  Collegium Musicum Copenhagen with Michael Schønwandt, conducting. (YouTube, uploaded by Classical Music goturhjem2. Accessed February 22, 2018)

Historical Events

1879 - In Utica, New York, Frank Woolworth opens the first of many five-and-ten-cent Woolworth stores.

1940 - Five-year-old Tenzin Gyatso is enthroned in Tibet as His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama.

February 21 Dateline

Famous Birthdays

1801 - Johann W. Kalliwoda, Composer, Conductor and Violinist. (Alternative Names/Transliterations: Jan Křtitel Václav Kalivoda, Johannes Wenzeslaus Kalliwoda, Jan Kalivoda. He is the father of Wilhelm Kalliwoda, who followed in his father's music career footsteps. Listening pleasure: Concertino for Oboe.)
1836 - Léo Delibes, French Composer of operas and ballets
1893 - Andres Segovia, Spanish guitar virtuoso
1903 - Anaïs Nin, Writer
1907 - W.H. Auden, Poet
1924 - Robert Mugabe, First President of Zimbabwe
1927 - Erma Bombeck, Humourist
1927 - Hubert de Givenchy, Fashion designer
1933 - Nina Simone, Singer
1961 - Christopher Atkins, Actor
1979 - Jennifer Love Hewitt, Actress and Singer
1983 - Melanie Laurent,  Actress, Model, Singer

Actress Melanie Laurent

Léo Delibes' "Flower Duet" from his opera Lakmé, performed by Anna Netrebko & Elina Garanca (Lakmé de Delibes).  YouTube, uploaded by JustASuicidalGirl. Accessed February 21, 2018.

Historical Events

1431 - The trial of Joan of Arc begins.   

1842 - John J. Greenough patents his sewing machine invention.  

February 20 Dateline

Famous Birthdays

1802 - Charles-Auguste de Beriot, Belgian Violinist and Composer
1924 - Gloria Vanderbilt, Clothing designer and entrepreneur
1925 - Robert Altman, Film director
1927 - Sidney Poitier, Actor
1937 - Nancy Wilson, Jazz singer
1942 - Phil Esposito, Hockey Player
1949 - Ivana Trump, Socialite
1966 - Cindy Crawford, Model
1967 - Kurt Cobain, Musician

Hockey Player Phil Esposito
Musician Kurt Cobain

The Barber of Seville Overture by G. Rossini.  YouTube, uploaded by Classical Music Only. Accessed 20 February 2016.  

Historical Events

1472 - Christian I, King of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, pawns the isles of Orkney and Shetland to James III of Scotland in lieu of a royal dowry for his daughter Princess Margaret.

1724 - George F. Handel's opera Julius Caesar is first performed at King's Theatre, London.

February 19 Dateline

Famous Birthdays

1473 - Nicolaus Copernicus, Astronomer. His understanding of the solar system overturns the idea that the universe revolves around the earth. He was the first to describe the planets revolving around the sun.
1743 - Luigi Boccherini, Italian Cellist and Composer
1873 - John Reed Swanton, Anthropologist and Ethnologist
1902 - Kay Boyle, Short-Story Writer and Novelist 
1924 - Lee Marvin, Actor
1940 - Smokey Robinson, Musician
1952 - Amy Tan, Novelist
1960 - Prince Andrew, Duke of York
1963 - Seal, Singer

Singer Seal


Luigi Boccherini's beautiful Complete Cello Concerti, with Julius Berger.  Played on Boccherini's Stradivari-Violoncello. The painting is "Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains" by Albert Bierstadt.

Historical Events

1878 - The phonograph is patented by Thomas Alva Edison.  

1906 - Wheat flakes made by Dr. John Kellogg and his brother Will go on sale in the U.S.  

1915 - The Battle of Gallipoli officially begins.